Importance of the Client Brief

Better briefs lead to better copywriting.

But what if you don’t have one, or you kind of have one, but it’s a bit, er, brief!

No need to worry. The first thing I’ll do when you hire me as your copywriter is work with you, the client, to create a clear, detailed brief. This is to make sure that I have all the information I need to do my job effectively.

Details, details…

I’ll ask you a lot of questions. Loads in fact. I’m aiming to really get a handle on you / your business and what you’re trying to achieve with the particular piece of copy you’d like me to write.

The Audience is Everything

I’ll ask about your target audience. Who they are and what their needs are. This is crucial information. The more I know about them, the more I can make the content appealing, engaging and relevant. Which is the whole point, right? The copy needs to speak to your audience.

Brand Consistency

If you have a developed brand, I’ll need to know about it in order to write in a style and tone of voice which is consistent with your current branding.

Products and Services

If you’re advertising a product or service I’ll want to know all about it. How it fits in with your other products/services, what its key features are and why your clients or customers will be interested in it.

These are the basic points I’ll need to cover in order to write copy that’s concise, engaging and has a clear call to action.

Do you have a project that you need some help with? Drop me a line and let’s see if we can work together.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is writing with a purpose.

It’s written content that aims to connect with the reader and inspire them to take a particular action. If you’re a business then the right words will help you to find more clients or customers. If you’re a charity or campaigning organisation, the right words will help you to spread your message and inspire your supporters to take action.

Why Hire a Copywriter?

Copywriters use words to build bridges.

They often sift through tons of information to produce simple and compact content that’s engaging and relevant to your audience.

Whether you’re creating a social media campaign, a website for your new project or a press release for your business, it’s essential to have clear, concise copy that gets your reader’s attention, builds trust and inspires them to connect.

Creating effective copy is a time-consuming process and you might find that your energies are best focused elsewhere. A professional copywriter can ensure that your website contains top-quality content that will help your business or project to succeed, whilst freeing up your time to focus on your work.

Well-written and engaging copy also attracts new business or support for your project. It has the ability to gain the trust of clients and customers and it reflects positively on your brand.

It really boils down to whether you have the time and skills to write your own copy. If you do then great! If not, drop me a line and let me know how I can help.