Do you need a freelance writer for your ethical brand?

Whether you’re launching a new website, boosting your traffic or growing a blog, I can help you find just the right words to connect with your readers and inspire them to take action. I provide a copywriting and content writing service on a per task, per project or ongoing basis.

I have worked with Jenny on a number of projects within my businesses and have found her to be extremely thorough in her understanding, interpretation and implementation of our project briefs. Before she writes an article she asks many questions of us which leads her to create copy that is not only accurate, but truly engaging!!  

Paul Stenning

I found Jenny to not only be an invaluable resource of writing wizardry, she provided clarity and direction for the topics I had in mind. Jenny consistently came up with insightful, anthropological and well-researched articles for difficult-to-write topics that suited the young, millennial audience I was targeting. She was delightful to communicate with and we both understood each other well! I personally learnt a lot from reading the articles she wrote and her professionalism led us both to contribute to better quality writing! Looking forward to a long working relationship together!

Rachel Lee