Here’s how I can help grow your ethical brand.

Blogs and Articles

The best way to increase traffic to your website or blog is to keep adding new, interesting, relevant, well written and informative content. Blogs are also a great way to engage and strengthen the relationship with your clients and customers. Whether it’s a one-off post or a series of articles I can help. I’ll take care of the research, writing and proofreading to deliver you a carefully crafted post.

Website Copy

Effective copy needs to grab your reader’s attention, communicate your message, and inspire them to take action. And with the average amount of time someone spends on a webpage being just 60 seconds, you don’t have long to do that! So your website needs to stand out. It needs to invite people in. And once they’re in, you need to hold their attention. Expertly crafted web copy will do all of this. I can help you with one page or an entire site, with organic SEO built-in.

Whether you want to inspire customers to buy your fairtrade product, sign up for an online course or book an appointment, I write clear, concise copy that builds bridges between you and your ideal client or customer.

Editing and Proof-reading

Do you need someone to run a keen eye over your copy? Whether it’s a complete check of all your written business material or a one-off project, send me your work for polishing. I can proof-read, recommend revisions, check facts, spelling and grammar. If you have a style guide, I’ll follow that and ensure certain words or phrases are consistently applied throughout.

Need something else? Get in touch and let’s see if we can work together.