Content and Copywriting for Green and Ethical Brands

Hi, I’m Jenny, freelance writer, nature lover and tea drinker extraordinaire.

I’m passionate about helping brands with a mission. Whether you’re an ethical business or a not-for-profit organisation creating positive change in the world, I can help you to stand out and reach a wider audience through quality online content.

I write genuine, down-to-earth copy and will make sure that your message is being delivered in a professional and engaging way.

If you’re a business:

As a copywriter, my aim is to use words to help you communicate with your customers effectively. Whether you’re telling people about a service or a product, your expertise or your knowledge, effective copy is paramount.

Eco-savvy and ethical consumers don’t just want to know about the merits of your products. They want to know about YOU. Your eco-credentials and business ethics. They want to know if they’re making not just the right choice of product, but that they are supporting the right business.

I love to write brand stories, highlighting the positive work that you’re doing so that conscious consumers can be confident in their choices.

If you’re a charity / not-for-profit:

As a copywriter, I use words to help spread your message and inspire your readers to take action.

I’ve met many inspiring people working to create positive change in the world. And, talking to them in person, their passion for their project and work shines through. But when it comes to getting their message out to a wider audience, through online content or in printed form, without the right choice of words the message, the spark, the heart of a project can remain unseen.

Even the worthiest message needs to be told in the right words to be heard.

I’m a firm believer that if you love what you do, you will be successful. As a passionate writer, I’m keen to tell great brand stories and spread the word about organisations, both large and small, who are working on projects they love too.